Webstrates A research prototype enabling collaborative editing of websites through DOM manipulations.


With Webstrates, webpages become collaboratively editable in real-time. Changes to the Document Object Model (DOM) of a page persist and are synchronised to all connected clients of the same page using Operational Transformation through ShareDB.

Webstrates can be used to develop interactive software where collaboration-support is the norm rather than the exception.

To see and read about some of the things it has been used for visit webstrates.net, or look at our tutorials.

Super quick demo!

Below you see two iframes transcluding the same webpage, namely:

Try modifying the text in one of the iframes now.

Whoa! The changes got synchronized immediately, didn’t they?

The document (or “webstrate”) is running on our Webstrates server and basically just contains:

<body contenteditable>
This is a <code>contenteditable</code> field. Write here!

And yet any changes to DOM get persisted and synchronized – you can even inspect and modify the DOM any way you like right now, and the changes will get persisted. Or you can link the address of the page to a friend and start developing your own collaborative web application right now.